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Bobbin Lace Placemats Hand Embroidered Linen Doilies Whitework

Bobbin lace vintage mats, plate silencers or possibly part of a lemonade set. Set of eleven. White linen star shaped center trimmed with bobbin lace.

Probably originally part of a lemonade set. Could use as plate silencers or large doilies.

Measure 11-1/4" wide. Barely used and probably only washed once or twice as blue embroidery outline has not yet washed off.

Condition: 1 pinprick spot on 1 placemat, 1/4" faded line/smudge (barely there and too light to show in photo). Three mats, each has a small light stain at edge of lace (photo). I have darkened photo of stain for easier viewing. Three mats have 1 bride break each (photo).

Good overall vintage condition. Gently hand laundered and pressed.

#p004$431 set available

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