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Teneriffe Antique Tablecloth Centerpiece Nanduti Drawnwork Luncheon Cloth

Antique table topper centerpiece with exquisite display of drawnwork bordered by needle lace teneriffe or nanduti lace border.

The center of the cloth has detailed flowers and grape clusters with large leaves. All done on a fine crisp white linen ground and finished with hemstitched edge.

Excellent needleweaving workmanship to this intricate luncheon cloth centerpiece. Measures 32" x 32-1/2". Vintage 1920s, possibly earlier.

In wonderful condition. There is a tiny mend at one corner (photo) but really not noticeable. No other issues noted. Gently laundered and pressed.

Teneriffe lace is a needle lace from the island of Tenerife in Spain. Nanduti lace is from Paraquay.

#t019$551 available

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