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Teneriffe Antique Tablecloth Centerpiece Nanduti Drawnwork Luncheon Cloth

Antique table topper centerpiece with exquisite display of drawnwork bordered by needle lace teneriffe or nanduti lace border.

#t019 $55 1 available

The center of the cloth has detailed flowers and grape clusters with large leaves. All done on a fine crisp white linen ground and finished with hemstitched edge.

Excellent needleweaving workmanship to this intricate luncheon cloth centerpiece. Measures 32" x 32-1/2". Vintage 1920s, possibly earlier.

In wonderful condition. There is a tiny mend at one corner (photo) but really not noticeable. No other issues noted. Gently laundered and pressed.

Teneriffe lace is a needle lace from the island of Tenerife in Spain. Nanduti lace is from Paraquay.

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