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Antique Handmade Filet Lacis Guipure Net Lace Fern Fronds Flowers

Antique handmade filet lacis guipure. Decorative cloth weaving stitched motif of fern fronds, roses, flowers and leaves.

Made on a square mesh knotted net with a variety of exquisite details and fine quality workmanship. Abstract scrolls over a deep scalloped bottom edge.

Color is palest ecru or a light creamy beige (see last photo for color contrast against white). Measures 104"W x 16"H (2 yds, 32"), almost 3 yards.

Overall excellent condition for age with very minor issues (last photo). First photo is a pea size mend to the netting about 1/2 from top.

#tr005$631 lace panel available

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