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Designer Leather Print Lizard Pumps Timothy Hitsman Womens Shoes 9M

Lizard print pumps in gorgeous vibrant colors. Stylish Timothy Hitsman shoes featuring square toes and cushioned insoles for added comfort.

#sh015 $ 43.00 SOLD

Wonderful mix of colors are fuchsia pink, lime green, pumpkin orange and a gold yellow.

Gold insole and lining with leather outsoles. Dating from vintage 1989.

Pre-owned with original box. Uppers are excellent; normal wear to outsoles but have not thinned. Some of the gold has rubbed off of the insoles. Original owner wrote on box with a black felt pen.

  • 9M (medium)
  • Timothy Hitsman label
  • 2-3/4" medium heel, tallest part of heel
  • lizard print leather
  • pumps, women's shoes, heels

For PROPER shoe fit and comfort, measure one of your own comfortable shoes with same heel height as this pair. Place a cloth tape measure inside shoe along contour from toe to heel and widest part at ball of foot.

  • INNER: (Toe to Heel) - 10-1/4" ... (Ball of Foot) - 3-1/8"
  • OUTER: (Toe to Heel) - 10-1/8" ... (Ball of Foot) - 3-1/4"

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