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Mosaic Embroidered Tablecloth Whitework Hand Embroidery Cartouche Floral

Lovely vintage linen tablecloth with so many details. Large sections of mosaic punchwork. Cartouches of figural floral motif adorned with whitework hand embroidered details with tiny french knots and cutwor

Finished with scalloped border. This vintage tablecloth has a crisp white high quality linen ground. Measures 68"W x 86"L.

Condition: There are some tiny little spots but none are in a cluster and one mark. These are very light (not like the dark rust spots) and are so spread out that it's very, very hard to even notice (unless you get real up close. A gentle soak should get rid of most if not all of them (last photo for example). I have not laundered but no bad odors.

#t013$1251 available

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